Ofir Yudilevitch was born in Haifa, Israel in 1983. Yudilevitch started capoeira at the age of 15 before studying it extensively for 10 years; he also taught capoeira and acrobatics as a teen. In 2007 Yudilevitch started studying contemporary dance at the two-year Professional School Hasadna in Haifa. He later began working with choreographers as a freelance dancer, collaborating with Yasmeen Godder, Arkadi Zaides and others. After creating his first performance Gravitas in 2015, Yudilevitch created two group pieces in 2017 – For Real and Concrete; he also collaborated with Chinese choreographer Yang Zhen to create their duet Far & Middle (2017). In 2018 he created Chamada- a group piece for Entre Nós Dance Collective in Natal, Brazil. He is currently studying philosophy and art history at the Open University.



Ofir Yudilevich