For Real

An attempt to redeem the perception of falling.  To deny the tragic potential of falling and reimagine it as an action with poetic, aesthetic and humorous qualities.

We invite falling, evoke it in others and create semi-dangerous games. We fall from a backflip, from the head, from the hands. We fake a fall and fail at it.

We expose our deepest and most ridiculous qualities.  We dance a fall. 

A dance piece by: Ofir Yudilevitch
Performed by: Almog Kidron, Hagar Dromi, Eli Cohen, Gal Gorfung and Ofir Yudilevitch.
Dramaturgy by: Yael Biegon-Citron
Lighting by: Omer Sheizaf
Music: Arcade Fire, Joanna Newsom

Co-produced by Machol Shalem and Derida Cente- Sofia, Bulgaria. Supportesd by the Lottery Foundation.

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