Martial / Art

Before we learned to write, we learned to fight. Across the globe and for thousands of years, humanity has developed numerous martial teachings with deep-rooted similarities: dedication, sacrifice, thought, precision, respect for the opposition. They combine the practice of the spirit with the body, and their movement becomes second nature.

This idea led us to take a closer look at these arts. We gathered fighters of all ages, groups, methods and beliefs, and placed them in one arena.
Outside of the regular context the practice of these groups raises a new proposal for a relevant discussion: is art a martial theory? How can the practice of martial art create peace? How can we convert our energy to the really important places?

Artistic Director: Ofir Yudilevitch
Assistant Artistic Director:
Kerem Shemi
Yael Chipman, Mor Jessica Mizrachi
Light designer: Ofer Laufer
Eran Bert
Sound design: Tamir Friedrich
Platform Design:
Artistic Directors, Israel Festival:
Michal Vaknin, Itay Mautner

Wudang sword: Kerem Shimi
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Etos Jerusalem Institute under the direction of Fabio Shukma
Zen and Ninjitsu: Danny Waxman
Krav Maga: Smart Fight Institute under the management of Avivit Cohen and Lea Drey
Capoeira: the Israeli Capoeira Center under the management of Erez Malka
Thai boxing: Benny Kogan and Liron Habib
Impact: El Halev association
Qi Kong and Tai Chi: Talia Kav
Kendo: Zeev Hidekal and other teachers
Karate: Niji Karate Dojo Israel - SKIF under the management of Nofer Eini
Taekwondo: Ahi Yehuda Club under the management of Avi Kadori