Soft acrobatics is an approach I have been developing in the last years. This approach tries to break the binary way acrobatics is thought and taught where you either do things perfectly or not at all. There are many in betweens and starting points that can be found in acrobatics.

The class  works with principals of release technique and and apply them to acrobatic movements. We work softly with our body but still, we challenge ourselves and confont ourselves with fear- which is one of the most important mental aspects when working on new acrobatic moves .

The class begins with a warm up that introduces the concepts of the movement like connecting to one’s weight, different connections to space and directions and swinging body parts to create momentum and to recover from weight shifts.

Similarly to Feldenkrais classes we try to actively think about what we are try to do and understand how these scary and complex acrobatic movements are comprised of small and simple movements.

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