Simulations of Struggle

Kerem Shemi, a dancer and kung fu artist, and Ofir Yudilevitch, a dancer and capoeirista, meet on stage to examine their attraction to martial arts: the pleasure, the challenge, the adrenaline and the mental and physical states that are required to withstand it.

The two dive into a series of role-playing games, images and exercises that draw formal and philosophical inspirations from martial arts. By exploring the concept of struggle, we  reveal personal resistance on the one hand, and a constant need for a partner-opponent on the other.

Concept and choreography: Ofir Yudilevitch
Creative performers:  Kerem Shemi, Ofir Yudilevitch
Original music and live performance: Maya Perry
Props design: Ofer Laufer
Light design: Nadav Barnea
Costume design: Karin Yaziv
Yael Biagon Citron 
Martial arts instruction:
Gur Zamir

Ayala Frankel, Thelma Yelin Arts High School under Ran Brown, Itamar Kluger, Ari Teperberg

Co produced by:  Curtain Up 2020

Duration: 30 minutes