FAR & Middle

In collaboration
with Yang Zhen

The words ‘far’ and ‘middle’ in geographical terms imply that there must be a center of the world from which to measure – think of the far East, far China, the Middle East.

The Chinese choreographer Yang Zhen and the Israeli choreographer Ofir Yudilevitch explore what this means for their culture and identity.

Are several middle points possible? Or could a world exist without a middle? In their duet, they dance their way through language barriers, they jump across the cultural divide between East and West, and during an exciting contact improvisation jam session, they join Europe, Israel, China and the whole world together.

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Concept and Choreography: Yang Zhen and Ofir Yudilevitch
Performed by: Yang Zhen and Ofir Yudilevitch
Moos van den Broek

Produced for Julidans 2017 Artist lab, Amsterdam

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