Uppercut Danseteater
Copenhagen, Denmark

With a child's jumping joy and bubbling love, life takes off. But before you know it, play becomes competition and competition turns into life's hard realities. You take the plunge; run for your life. Whether you land on your legs or stumble, or if you have the courage to get back on your feet again, time will tell.

JUMP is a performance about struggling, jumping, falling, stumbling and landing securely on your two feet again. About being or to bearing your mistakes to a degree where you might eventually end up succeeding.

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Choreographer: Stephanie Thomasen & Ofir Yudilevitch

Dancers: Uppercut Danseteaters ensemble
Composer Lawand Shakur Othman aka Turkman Souljah
Dramaturg: Betina Rex
Light designer: Peter Bodholdt Løkke
Costumes: Weird Wear

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