Teach me a backflip

An educational and artistic project with special education kids from Bat Yam. In the work I used acrobatics to get the kids to dance and perform a short group piece together.

The project opened with a showing of the piece Gravitas to introduce the kids to my work. Afterwards the kids kept asking me to teach them a backflip so this became the theme for the work.

Learning a backflip was one of the more emporing moments of my youth and working on it with them I could see the similar effect it had. We built on top of this found trust and connection a short and deconstructed dance piece and performed it in front of their parents, teachers and the audience of March hare festival in Kelim.

Choreography: Ofir Yudilevitch
Performed by: students from Ya’ad middle school in Bat Yam
Produced by: Kelim choreography center for March Hare Festival 2019.

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