Entre Nós Coletivo
de Criação
Natal, Brazil
In Capoeira Angola (the traditional style of Capoeira), the chamada is a moment where one capoeirista calls the other to engage in a ritual of walking together. This calling is a liminal moment- in between a game, a battle and a dance- that cannot be fully explained.

Ofir, with almost 20 years of experience in Capoeira composed a dance piece by mixing the movement language and underlying principles of Capoeira Angola with his practices as a choreographer and dancer in Israel. Out of this, a different dance/ritual/game will be formed.

One that is both old and new, traditional and contemporary, here and there, lighthearted and fully engaged. The original music composed by the Brazilian musician Rebecca Nunes functions as a part of this ritual and is influenced by the trance qualities of Afro Brazilian music.

Choreography: Ofir Yudilevitch
Artistic director: Diana Fontes
Performed by: Andreia Melo, Thazio Menezes, Francisco Júnior, Meyrielle Gonçalves, Ana Carolina
Outside eye: Ayala Frenkel
Original music: Rebecca Nunes (BEX)
Costume design: Igor Fortunato and Ana Carolina Vieira Ferreira

Production: Marcelo Santos De Oliveira and Suzanne Dellal